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Since opening our doors in 2012 supporting our community has always been a focal point of our direction. Fostering community support and volunteerism is one of the pillars we have built or business on, and that is very important to our local ownership and employee base.

Project Warmth

Warmth is something a child should never have to worry about.

The Art of Driving along side with Murray Honda and Canadian Tire has been a proud supporter of Project Warmth since 2012.

We work collaboratively with many local businesses with the same goal and that is supplying brand new winter coats and footwear to hundreds of local children in need within our community.


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We Got Your Back, Backpack Program

Since 2012 The Art Of Driving School has we been working alongside with Murray Honda, Staples and several local businesses in providing our districts children with the tools to learn. Being an education focused business, having the tools to succeed is critical, which makes being part of this program so important to us.

Bowls of Hope Society

Each week The Art of Driving Schools Marketing Director Justin Mallard volunteers his day of to support our community.


He works closely with Bowls of Hope Society in the delivery of soup to local children within our district. This program is incredibly important to our team is a nourished body will lead to a nourished mind.


We love to foster and support any volunteerism of any of our employees in our communities.


School District Support/Fundraising

We work closely with many of our local schools with donations towards silent auctions and of our time where we have the opportunity to do so.

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