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Our Mission C.A.R.E.S

  • Caring about our students and the communities we work within

  • Always bringing new ideas and freshness to our process

  • Raising the standard in driver training by using proven teaching methods in technical skilled training.

  • Empathetic instructors that guide the student to success.

  • Superior customer service is the foundation we are built on

Teaching Process

We have a strong commitment to empowering and teaching life long safe drivers. We have formulated a comprehensive process that is followed by each of our instructors, taught in a way that is easy to grasp and understand. This process is what has lead the Art of Driving School to be one of the highest referred driving schools in the Fraser Valley with one of the highest pass rates.


We have developed a process of teaching that takes instruction back to the very core of the skill of driving. On a technical level we can see exactly where the error is taking place and then provide the skills needed to make the correction. With all things practice makes perfect and with our instructors part of that process we can ensure our students master the skills needed to become a more confident and skilled driver.


Student Experience

With many years in business we have continued to revamp and improve the experience of our students to ensure we are leading the way in student experience with each and every student we work with.


With our advanced contact management software that emails our students and parents two days prior and again four hours prior to their next lesson, staying informed has never been easier.


With extended office hours, reaching the Art of Driving School has never been easier. A phone call, text or email will always be answered promptly with professionalism, compassion and care.


Our commitment to you, our customer is what we have built the foundation of our business on.

Seeing is Believing

Statistics currently say that distracted driving is now the MOST dangerous driving condition on the roads today, even more than drinking and driving.

Education is the KEY and drivers need advanced skills in observation to anticipate these bad habits of so many drivers on the road.


When working with our new drivers we share not only the skills needed to be a safe driver but also the stats behind dangerous driving practices which will empower safe and good decisions while behind the wheel.

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